Walk a Neighborhood

Fr. Dan & Paul

Our first ‘walking a neighborhood’ went well today (9/24/14). It was a beautiful fall day, the sun was shining and a mild breeze blew down Pleasant St.  We went out at 11:00 AM and walked south on Pleasant St. approaching Drummond St.

With little expectation, we visited the demolition site where the old Dillingham & Son funeral home was gone as well as an adjacent house which had a Pleasant St. address. You can see the Camden National Bank clear through from Pleasant St. The demolition stage is still in debris removal which is now at basement level.

We headed south and came across a woman who was sitting on the sidewalk with a couple small children while two other kids played on the porch and lawn of the house. We said hi to the lady watching her 2 kids on the sidewalk and the woman sitting on the porch. The woman on the sidewalk said the two kids were hers while the other were being babysat. We introduced ourselves which prompted the woman’s mother who was coming out at the time to introduce herself as Barbara, the grandma. The other 2 woman did not offer. The kids were very cute and one little boy was very talkative. I’m guessing their ages were probably 2 to 3.

One thing that caught my attention was when the grandmother was coming out of the house, she had a look of concern on her face when she saw us. I’m not sure if that was a look of “What do they want from us?” or “What have we done wrong?” We chatted a bit but they were not offering much so we pressed on through the neighborhood.

Walking past the congregational church, we had to admire what they were able to build from the ashes of the old church. It is a large spread that has a lot to offer. (Calvin Dube, whom we ran into later, offered that they had decided to stop doing their 4th Sunday of the month suppers due to a lack of people to volunteer to help with it.  We talked a little bit about offering St. Michael’s to pitch in.)

As we moved further south, we came across the Munroe Inn on the corner of Pleasant and Drummond. The carriage house door was wide open and people were scurrying about inside so we decided to poke out noses in. A couMunroe Innple carpenters said hi and then the owner, Olga, came to greet us. Olga was raised in the Soviet Union and moved to NY many years ago. She recently came to Maine for an adventure which ended up in her buying the Munroe Inn. She has put a lot of work and money into the Inn and also purchased the adjacent apartment house which is also being fixed up and will be rented out. Olga still has family in the Ukraine and was not short in talking politics.

The Munroe Inn offers a Sunday Brunch for only $15.00 and her rooms are ready and available for guests. For those of you that are from this area, the Munroes were the founders of the Clark Shoe company in Auburn.

We ended our first walk at this point to return in time for midweek noonday service. We contemplated our walk and look forward to the next one.

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