Music is a vital part of our parish community. Our 9:30 AM service includes hymns before, during and after the service. We also sing from the the hymnal “Wonder, Love and Praise” by John L. Hooker. Music starts early with the Joyful Noise Children’s Choir and continues to the Adult Choir.

The Adult Choir continues to provide music to support and enhance worship each Sunday. In addition we supplied music for some occasional services, such as Easter Vigil. The choir performs music from a variety of sources: our hymnal (which is a very rich resource), Lift Every Voice (music of African-American tradition), Taizé (spiritual chants) and Wonder Love and Praise, an addendum to the Episcopal hymnal. The choir rehearses Sunday mornings at 8:45. Anyone with a little musical knowledge and an enthusiasm for singing is welcome to join!

Joyful Noise is our lively children’s choir, which meets most Sundays at 8:15 in the undercroft. Currently the children range in age from 4 to 12 years of age. We sing a wide variety of music, often using American Sign Language motions to support the singing. Our rehearsals are a fun mix of singing, music instruction, dancing, clapping, marching, and playing musical games. We often experiment with tone bells and rhythm instruments, and regularly use them when we perform. Joyful Noise performs during most Family Sunday services. All children four years old and older are welcome to join us!