Our Ministries and Programs

Current Groups/ Programs at St. Michael’s

Altar Guild : A small group of women who work diligently to prepare our church for liturgical worship, keep our brass shining, our linens “white as snow” and our supplies regularly “filled up”. Altar Guild members see their labor not as a sweries of “chores” but as a means of offering a special ministry to St. Michael’s and God.  Directress, Melissa Sparks

Eucharistic Ministers are in various categories. There are Worship Leaders who lead the Daily Office andSpecial non-Eucharist services. In adition we have Eucharistic Ministers who assist by administering wine at Holy Eucharist, There are Eucharistic Visitors who bring the bread and wine to nursing homes, hospitals and the homebound. Our Priest in charge has been encouraged by the Bishop to recruit Lay Preachers. We hope to begin training them soon.We have very capable young peopla and adults serving as Acolytes.

Information about the Pastoral Care Committee and ECW are found on the  About Us page.

Education Programs; SUNDAY SCHOOL for children from preschool to grade 4 or 5 meets at approximately 9:00AM each Sunday in two classes. Mary Lou Rider and parent volunteers provide the good teaching of a lectionary based program.

Every two years or so we begin a new Confirmation/ Reception Program called the Discovery Program, geared mostly to those 14-17. The course covers, Bible, Church history (general), Church history and practice (Anglican/Episcopal) and personal beliefs . A new course should begin by the end of 2011.

Adult Study programs generally been of the minicourse (5-6 weeks) variety. Recently we have looke at a couple of Macus Borg books, about Jesus and faith, we have studied, hymnody, Christian healing, and Jesus Parables. Presently there is a group meeting on Tuesday evenings, discussing a book on prayer by Richard Foster. An excellent way to approach the subject.

Adult Choir practices between services on Sunday mornings. If you read our About Us section you’ll note the need for a tenor. Know this: the seven(occassionally eight) voices in the three ranges we do have make some beautiful music, fitting very nicely into our small, but acoustically blessed worship space. With the solid accompaniment of our beloved organist, Jonathan Whitmore, we make very good music from  Hymnal 1982, Lift Every Voice and Sing II, Wonder, Love and Praise, and Taize . Our children’s choir, A Joyful Noise!!, join us at various times during the year.  Susan Trask is the director of the children’s choir.

A number of Committees and commissions help our vestry keep the parish in order. Finance committee, chaired by Paul Beaudette, is advisory to the vestry on budgeting, saving, investing, and spending.  St. Guy, chaired by Todd Parker, advises regarding maintenance and long range capital building projects and works with current contracts. The Memorials Committee is seeking to fine tune the terms under which Memorial Gifts both designated and undesignated are accepted, invested and used in a prudent manner.The Hospitality  group is currently discovering ways of making our church more welcoming (Can new attendees who may not be Episcopalians easily find their way around the service.?)